Rebecca Collins

Hiccups, 2019

Hiccups is a brief look into the life of Maggie, a young woman who deals with the obligation she feels to support her reckless brother with his financial and personal struggles, even though their relationship has been built upon his harsh and manipulative treatment of her since they were children. As the writer of this short, I wanted to achieve a sense of realism through the dialogue and action. As the editor, my main goal was to find the right dramatic pacing that gave credibility to the script and the performances.

Q & A with Rebecca Collins

Q. Could you tell us about any current projects that you are working on?

A. Currently, I’m directing my thesis film, “Martha”, in which we just wrapped on production.

Q. Describe your project in its current state and what you’d like it’s final outcome to be.

A.Currently, we’re in post production. Ideally, I would like the final outcome of the project to have an emotional impact on people, and for the performances to come across as naturalistic as possible.

Q. How did you reach the conceptualization of your current project?

A. I wanted to create a portrait of a complex and flawed woman, showcasing the emotional conflict a person faces when deciding between what is best for themselves versus people they love. The long distance aspect of the relationship that the two main characters deal with in the film is partly inspired by my parents’ relationship.

Q. Are there any artists that have inspired this work? If so, why?

A. Director Mike Mills has always been a constant source of inspiration for any film I’ve made. He has an interesting mix of realism and experimental elements in his films, often having photo montages with voiceover narration in his films. A lot of people might find it cliche, but based on the types of stories he’s telling, I think it works to his advantage. He also just has a great grasp of natural human behaviour, and that’s always evident in his work.

Q. Describe any challenges you have faced and any solutions that you have found to be helpful in the creative process.

A. Honestly, I really couldn’t have asked for a better pre production and production experience on this film. We shot over the course of two weekends in January, so we really took advantage of the fact that we had a whole semester to plan for production, which definitely paid off during shooting. What’s always helpful in the creative process, but also the process of logistically planning for something, is having a great team to work with and rely on. The only reason the shoot was as successful as it was, is due to the hard work everybody put in for weeks and months leading up to production, especially our producer Natalie and our 1st ADs, Jack and Meagan.

Q. Have you had any success in getting your work out into the world? Do you have suggestions for other artists?

A. Not really, but just keep making stuff.

Work In Progress

Winter Thesis, 2020