Artist Statement

Inspired by instructional art of the 1960s and the Fluxus movement, I challenged myself to design and follow simple instructions for my own ventures in the city.

These instructions relied on a variety of strategies, some inspired by dérive experiments, to help guide my trips and also to prevent me from relying on habitual routes or methods of travelling and seeing the environment around me. By following the instructions, I hoped to shift my attention towards the process and push myself to let go of my control over the end results. These urban ventures originated in my desire to lose control over the image-making process, to get lost in the urban environment, and finally to invite chance and playfulness into my process. The final images and the instructions were combined to map out this entire process.

Out of twelve instructions originally conceived for this project, five were gathered into a handmade artist book designed as a boxed set of mini-books. The booklets contain photographs taken while following the specific instructions during each urban venture. The form of each booklet corresponds to the nature of each trip and the resulting photographs. In order to reflect the playful and open-ended nature of the original project, the book in its entirety is designed and packaged like the box of a board game. The book can be viewed at the Special Collection department at Ryerson University Library & Archives.