Artist Statement

Inspired by historical biblical depictions I recreated biblical characters in contemporary photographs. I believe these women embody archetypes that are still applicable to this day. They are globally recognizable and yet have a personal connection to all of us. Their stories are known, partially known, interpreted, misinterpreted, quoted, misquoted and above all engage and incite us. I believe this is an important exploration because the Christian conversation is not over. The Bible and its philosophy continues to be a point of contention. I do not intend to make any definitive statement on Christianity itself but rather continue the Christian conversation into the present.
I appreciate ancient Romans who practiced Christianity in secret and drew fish. I appreciate intricate mosaics done by byzantine artists. I appreciate the larger-than-life Renaissance depictions of Biblical stories. I appreciate modern romantic images of angels by pictorialists. I appreciate anti-religion and anti-institutionalist statements from post-modernists. I love Christian art and want to join this grand tradition.