Tia Bennett

Fingerprints, 2019

Humans have been —and are continuing to— change the seasons. We are leaving fingerprints on the Earth, forcing it along to our own rhythms as we extract & use resources like colourful playthings. Yet rarely do we link this phenomenon to ourselves; to our own hands. Fingerprints shrinks down this very real and ominous topic to a more personal and tangible size, forcing the viewer to think about their own hands in connection to the changing seasons. Over 25 minutes, a gentle hand forces seasonal shifts across three separate paper landscapes. Presented behind a highly stylized exterior, the colourful landscapes are reduced to trash. In turn, nature is reduced to the material. At times clumsy and messy, the hands show how unnatural and forced these seasonal effects are in the real world. White plaster hands act as an eerie frame to the video; imperfect and chipped, they are frozen in place to mirror the uneasy feeling of not knowing how to act with such an overwhelming and pressing issue overhead.