Hayden Soule

HexMap, 2019

Working with the medium of moving images generated by a computer I started to think about fluctuations in our environment, the connection of the digital world to the organic one, and the impact our technology has made. Working with these themes I used organic movement in the scene in the form of the flow of water. I wanted to make a comment on the lack of connection between our digital and organic worlds and to do so I mirrored the natural world in a simulated digital reproduction. As the water sloshes over the hard edges of the hexagonal tiles they begin to erode, slowly at first but eventually the entire island is underwater. This slow process is a reflection on the ways in which the production of our digital worlds has caused our natural one to decay. The unnatural form of the hexagonal tiles emphasizes the digital environment while the decay and erosion reflect organic life. The objective of this project is to spread awareness of how digital landscapes can cause real harm to our natural world; it is meant as a reflection on climate change through a digital lens.