Wynne Neilly

Collection of portraits taken between 2015 - 2019

This body of work represents an ongoing look at the queer/trans body and how the subject embodies their unique personal identity. Over the last few years I have been focusing on shooting portraits of the people surrounding me in my community. This body of work represents a small sample of a much larger collection of portraits taken between 2015 – 2019.

I have always sought after an exploration of my own identity and gender through photographing the people closest to me within my community. This work serves as a study of personal identity. My experience behind the camera is very intimate. In order for me to make a successful portrait, I have to be able to connect with the subject. I don’t want to just be taking something from someone with the camera. It’s really important to me to feel very much a part of the experience and that we both gain something from the time spent together. Representation of the queer and trans body is important, feeling seen is important. There is power in numbers. These images are part of a larger ongoing study of continuing to shoot people and show faces that are part of this huge community. Whether they are invisible, or totally visible and out, it’s important in today’s political climate to see the numbers. The more people I shoot, the more I am learning about myself and my own community and hopefully I am able pass that onto observers of my work.