seeing myself

Angel Avramidis

Seeing Myself focuses on the challenges of suffering from body dysmorphia. This collection of self-portraits metaphorically depicts what it is like to see your body differently from how it really exists because of the constant attention to and obsession with flaws in your appearance. Someone with body dysmorphia may constantly see themselves through critical eyes, finding issues with their face or body that aren’t always noticeable to others.



Jennifer Qu

Within the two worlds I live amongst, I have grown tired and restless trying to navigate my relationship between my Chinese heritage and the country that I have been raised to flourish in, Canada.


the barren farmer

Meagan Dickie

The Barren Farmer is a direct response to perception and abstract documentation surrounding the natural environment of the west coast. The flesh of the project relies on the interaction between the physical ecosystem of Vancouver Island and the manipulation of imagery. By deconstructing and reconstructing the photos, I uncover what parts of the environment directly connected with me.


buried identity

Ramzi Khalil

My photographs reflect on the unrelenting tension between the physical absence of the Lebanese people who have been displaced from their homeland during the civil war due to political powers. The series presents the psychological presence of millions of Lebanese who continue the struggle.