About the Prize

The First Edition Photobook Prize recognizes the best photobook works from the 3rd year photo students. The prize is judged by special collections librarian, Alison Skyrme, who bases her decision on the quality of design, fabrication, sequencing and integration of image and text. As part of the class “The Photographic Book”, 3rd year photo students conceptualize and create their own photobooks inspired by the concepts and processes of mapping. These books are judged by Skyrme at the First Edition Photobook Show – an exhibition at Ryerson Artspace held each year at the end of the fall semester. The prize-winning books are purchased by the Ryerson Library, which then houses them in Special Collections, where they are available for consultation by students and researchers.

2019 Winners

Lucy Alguire: How to run Away
Aly Ambler: Shallow Season
Austen Ambraska: Cowboy
Neha Bokhari: Istanbul: Where Two Continents Meet
Bahar Kamali: Playful Urban Drifts: A set of Instructions for the Urban Wanderer
Jared Miller: Overdressed

2018 Winners

Clea Christakos-Gee: After Grapefruit
Rafaela Conde: In Nocte
Raelene Giffin: Untitled
Kalen Huxham: Home and Glory
Lisa McElroy: In the Water
Heather Rattray: 9869518588
Hayley Wilsdon: It’s Good Once You Get There