Yarden Haddi

Work, Commerce, Justice, Politics & Media

These triptychs present a classic narrative capturing life through Work, Commerce, Justice, Politics & Media. Colour is often seen as an initial method to present images, however, I made the choice to present these images monochromatically in order to show consistency amongst their themes. This series tests the method of storytelling with no use of a record button, simply capturing a mood, or significant characteristic in each setting to present a catalogue that not only tells the story but does so in a visually pleasing way.

The overall goal is to have the viewer derive a narrative they can stitch together while not being too explicit in its delivery, yet subtle enough for a narrative to exist. Every detail is important and the location and familiarization of these settings are key to success. These triptychs can be seen as a postcard worth sending and receiving in an age of emails.


Yarden Haddi’s practice focuses on architectural and landscape photography, using visual capture as a narrative to derive his work and piecing together large views. His photographic influences include Lewis Baltz and Joel Meyerowitz. Shooting on a variety of capturing devices such as 35mm and large format film, as well as medium format digital by Fujifilm, he draws the line between the viewer’s relationship with clarity and ambiguity in imagery.