Brittany Beheshti

What Is Life: A Science Exhibit Made By an Artist

The concept of this piece is exploring life through the lens of biology. What does it take for something to be alive? I was inspired to create this piece as I was talking to a friend who despises science. Her reasoning behind her hatred was that in school it was taught from textbooks in such a way that she couldn’t understand. She felt there was no beauty or excitement in science because of the way it was presented to her. As someone who loves science, I want to be able to inspire and engage not only other enthusiasts, but those who don’t typically enjoy it as well. That is why this piece has a balance between scientific accuracy and exciting audience engagement.

This is a multi-media gallery installation, which explores the concept of life through a biological lens. My exhibit has five distinct pieces to exemplify the five requirements for life as described by some biologists: Organization, Metabolism, Reproduction, Response, and Evolution.