Tommy Calderon

Untitled (body & mind)

In this series we dive into the perception of Tommy Calderon, exploring the psychological realm, impressions, and manifestations that make up the character of Tommy Calderon. His study on character reflects the conception of himself projected onto the real. Absorbing, reasoning from within, projecting outwardly; influencing, resonating, informing, every perspective of being is turned right back onto himself. The series is a meditation on the human condition through the obscured mind of Tommy Calderon.

We all attempt to cope with the idea of the human condition, whether it be conscious or not. How we interact with one another or how we perceive the world around us is unique to the individual. Culturally, socially or historically, the individual in the modern age has gained an independence from the nuanced aspects of human existence, erasing vital points of physical suffering without resolving our own needs for mental clarity. The series acts as a meditation on the link between our spiritual needs and its relation to the metaphysical.


Tommy Calderon is a Toronto-based artist and photographer. Interested in the idea of realities, perception, and the ego, he explores the world in reference to historical non-fiction and the art-historical. A disbeliever in the common narrative, his work attempts to shift the routine of our everyday existence to the cathartic acts of self-reflection and independence.