Samuel Colman


Climate change is a problem that affects our entire planet. Some people realize this and are standing together to influence change in government and with everyday people. Over the past few months, people from across the world have been inspired by Greta Thunberg to show their support for the fight against climate change. Every Friday, thousands of people have taken to the streets to stand in solidarity and demand change.

For this project, I focused on displaying solidarity as a whole and individual characteristics of passionate activists. The images included in the grid display a diverse group of individuals resembling the atmosphere at protests and events. Exploring different events and protests gave me a wide range of subjects from all over Toronto. I have put each person in an isolated environment to show the unique attributes of every individual. There are obvious distinctions such as: age, race, and gender, but also deeper differences, like their reasons for attending and how they have been affected.

I wanted to show the diversity of people who are passionate about combating climate change because society’s perception of a climate change activist or environmentalist is often narrow. Obviously, that is not the case, as people of all walks of life care and are affected by it.


Samuel Colman is a Toronto-based environmentalist and photographer. He is currently studying photography at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Samuel often explores the environment and themes of climate change in his work to encourage change for the better of the planet.