Francesca Sellitto


Inspired by photographer Francesca Woodman, this series illustrates an aspect of the relationship I have with my own body. As seen in previous work, I have had struggles with my body, and in this series I have been more intimate and open with my body while still showing some type of resentment towards it. Showing myself in a vulnerable way is difficult for me to do but it is something I want to tackle as I enjoy being a woman and having a feminine form. In making this piece, movement was a large part of the idea as I wanted to show my form without being so stiff and still. This body of work is important to me because it articulates how I feel about myself and my body in a visual matter. 


Born and raised in Toronto, Francesca Sellitto is a photographer studying at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Francesca takes a special interest in her own identity and relationship with her body/self as well as her subject’s relationship with themselves and their surroundings. She mainly shoots digitally but also enjoys working with analog cameras.