Kaitlyn Warick


Often when people meet one another, and even after long periods of time, they don’t entirely perceive each other. I find this occurs often in my own personal relationships and, when I point out certain characteristics of mine to others, or when people discover them on their own, they are usually surprised by the discovery. Exploring elements of myself, both physical and mental, this self-portrait series has a personal and intimate feeling represented in a documentary style. To document my identity, I have captured detailed photographs mixed with others that appear more staged. The detailed shots depict physical elements of myself by capturing aspects of my body. The other more staged shots serve as mental depictions of myself and appear as still-life photographs that I created within my own space. I have explored my identity and character through photography, gaining a deeper sense of myself. Unnoticed has allowed me to further understand my identity while simultaneously drawing attention to details of myself that are often overlooked. 


Kaitlyn Warick is a Toronto-based photographer currently working towards her BFA in Photography Studies with a minor in News Studies at Ryerson University. Working within the photographic medium, her projects fall within a range of styles and topics but lean more towards a documentary and photojournalistic approach. Her work captures elements of the natural world as well as social topics prevalent in today’s society.