Line Duperron

Toranna Punks

“Time moves in one direction, memory another.”

–William Gibson

This series is a collection of photographs that explores my relationships with people that I have called friends for decades while depicting them in their home environment. Everybody has a story, and as a witness to society’s influences on these individuals, our common social structure was developed over a type of energy called Punk in the Toronto scene established in 1977 and ‘78.

Drawing inspiration from Joseph Hartman’s The Artist’s Studio and from Nan Goldin’s social documentary-style work, I chose to capture my subjects’ individuality in the comfort of their homes. The selection is also based on their stories, where they fit in my life and is strictly from my own subjective point of view. I am blessed to know such colourful friends and hope they are viewed as exceptional, captivating, talented, resourceful and especially as resilient humans.


L!N is an image creator based in Toronto.  Her work focuses on people, places and things.  Creating and photographing with a reportage approach is an effect she uses to represent her work in order to capture real and authentic moments. 

L!N shoots on both digital and analogue formats and is comfortable with strobe lighting and natural light. L!N graduated with honours from Seneca College's Independent Digital Photography program and George Brown College's Advanced Project Management program.  She is currently an undergraduate student at Ryerson University in the Image Arts: Photography Studies program.

Instagram: @Jackskellingtoniam