Julia Labelle

The Living Room

The Living Room ​explores how our personal expression is conveyed through the construction of the places in which we live. Aiming to identify how objects are displayed and space is utilized within the different cultural and socio-economic status, this project stems from my own alienation of space. The Space which I am used to is pristine and empty. My living room is decorated in a way that is presentable, and not in a way that feels comfortable and cozy. This vacantness that I am used to has instilled a longing for what is comfortable and familiar. Opening up the curiosity to seek out other places, which resulted in this series, an exploration of how other people live.

The living room, amongst personal belongings and memories,​ ​represents the embodiment of domestic familiarity. In each living area, the couch is the most dominant aspect. It is a symbol of comfort and a common living. The images invite the viewer to look closely and find clues about who and how individuals inhabit and value these​ ​spaces. We begin to compare our own homes to the ones in this series.​ When looking closely at their furnishings, and material objects the viewer begins to question the history, the wealth, the class, and the status of each represented living room.​ In the end, this series provides an invitation to learn something about ourselves through ​The Living Rooms​ of others.