Amanda Jara

The Impact of Technology

In my fall thesis project what I have decided to create was a series based technology and physical human contact. The series is titled The Impact of Technology because it is centered on the idea that people are so connected on their phones even in a place where service is unavailable the majority of the time. It was interesting to see that many people are so concerned with what is going on on their own personal devices, that in such a confined and crowded place almost no one is interested to start a conversation and have that human interaction. It does not happen often where you see human interaction between strangers actually happen, the majority of the time the interaction only ever happens between people who know each other.

This series is constructed of eight images that are all taken within the confines of TTC itself, most of the images were blindly shot during the chaotic time of the morning or evening rush hour. It is centered on the TTC itself because that is where I as the artist spend majority of my day. It is one place of many where the idea of human interaction is not used to its fullest potential. All the images are in colour to showcase the details of the TTC itself and show the key colours that TTC is known for. Red, White, Silver, and Yellow are the main colours one would see on the TTC on any given day. I wanted the colours to play a factor into the images themselves, the colour are what is supposed to be the same in all nine images. The process of taking these images blindly was a hard one to grasp, but with time and being comfortable the picture taking process got easier.

The entire series was developed with two main intentions, and those were to showcase how technology has been developing over the years. The other intention was to showcase just how little human interaction is now a days. Most are engulfed by there own personal devices they do not take into account the people around them and what is actually going on around them. With developing technology, it is hard for a person to not enjoy just about everything they can do on their phones. The series is to encapsulate what technology is doing to humankind, how taken we can be with a small square that we carry around in our pockets, and how as humankind we should maybe change our outlook on technology.