Lisa Lattanzio

The Evolution of Spiritual Practices From Hare Krishna Philosophies: Using Prayer, Song and Dance to Complete Kirtan

Music is an important element within the Hare Krishna faith. It is believed that the power of song can motivate, heal and alter perception. Followers of Krishna use kirtan (prayer through music and motion) as a method of worship. When kirtan is performed correctly, one will achieve a connection to God. During a recent Krishna teaching, a monk claimed that the kirtan cannot be completed without the inclusion of both song and dance. Members of the Krishna community in Toronto have developed new methods of achieving closeness to god. This series explores a particular and diverse group of devotees engaging in non-traditional practice methods. The images expose traditional kirtan merged with electronic music and contemporary dance. Individually, the images show dancers, singers, instruments, yoga poses, contemplation and interaction. The series as whole, communicates strength in community and the acceptance of change. The incentive of this series is to demonstrate alternative forms of spirituality and a progressive approach to religion.