Jordana Petruccelli


Surfaces is a series showcasing the various shapes and forms of the human figure through abstract self-portraiture. It is an honest exploration, reflection and presentation of the relationship I have with my body, and part of my ongoing journey of self-acceptance. By confronting my dislikes, I’ve created a set of images that present my body in a different and more positive light. The use of studio lighting allowed control over the quality of light, with attention to the placement of each highlight and shadow. My greatest challenge was the self-portraiture aspect. This project has challenged my photographic abilities in trying something new and confronting the feelings I have towards my physical self. 


Jordana Petruccelli is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for portraits, Jordana started her photography business at age sixteen and is currently working towards her BFA at Ryerson University. Inspired by unique people and places in the world around her, Jordana creates dynamic compositions to showcase her subjects in their best light.

Instagram: @jordana.photographyyz