Gwyneth Gray-Cyre

Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing is a body of work that explores past experiences through touch. By isolating old possessions I am revisiting their importance to the child I used to be. Items such as my first ballet shoes, well loved crafting supplies, a collection of beach glass, and a curtain from my childhood bedroom, become significant figures in representing a fogged memory of childhood. Drawing from a children's story book for the title, these cyanotype photograms come from these nothingness of memories. Memories are already fabrications of our minds, so what does that make an image of a memory? A lie? Can memories be truthfully represented? and is photography capable of doing so? By using the cyanotype photogram process this body of work tries to answer some of these key questions. If our own eyes and minds can so easily deceive us then touch must be the answer to conveying a true memory. Making these images is an attempt to reconnect with a memory of my childhood self. As I physically form a connection with these seemingly significant items I search for a new connection within myself.