Britney Pasion

Point Anne | A Village Left Behind

Along the Bay of Quinte approximately ten kilometers east of Belleville, Ontario, lies the small village Point Anne. This tiny little town used to be a company town that survived solely on the functioning of the Belleville Portland Cement Company and the Lehigh Portland Cement Company. The village used to be thriving and was once home to about 600 people who were all part of a very close-knit community. However, this all changed when these plants came to a permanent close back in 1971 and 1974, due to the inability to meet pollution control demands and refusing to update the facilities. After both of these companies closed, the town was left to fend for itself, as company owned homes and facilities were demolished and sold. Since the closing of these businesses, the once busy and growing community, is now on the verge of becoming a complete ghost town with only 22 residences left. The remaining population of Point Anne is still dealing with the aftermath of these devastating closures and many are still mourning the "death" of their town.

My book discusses the history behind Point Anne and how it is still struggling to exist after being abandoned by the Belleville Portland Cement Company and the Lehigh Portland Cement Company. Through the utilization of Point Anne’s story and the personal perspectives of current and former residents, this documentary series exhibits the implications of company town’s and how they impact their communities. Within this book, an individual will find photographs of residents, the town’s current state, along with information and quotes provided by current and former residents of the town. The book also contains archival images and historic information that will allow viewers to compare and contrast between the present and past.