Gabrielle Tyrie

Mom and I

The images I created for this project came from an unrelated experiment I wanted to conduct. I was curious about the effect on an image if I printed high-resolution images on regular paper using a standard inkjet printer, then scanned that print, and printed that image and so on until the image was unrecognizable. Once creating this process, I was faced with the decision of what images I wanted to use. As I imagined the inks on the soft paper melting together with each print and scan, I chose to make pictures of uniquely connected and intertwining bodies. Since I wanted the work to be highly physical, I used my background as a gymnast and my mother’s yoga background to help generate these highly performative poses.

My mother and I are very close. I think her willingness to join me in this endeavour is special in itself. My images communicate our bond as parent/child, mother/daughter and woman to woman. These are not a series of images of my mother and I but rather a portrait of our relationship and connection.


Gabrielle Tyrie is a photographer from Toronto, Ontario. She works primarily in portraiture but also explores collage and textiles. She is interested in themes of representing the self, physical capabilities of the body as well as the medium of photography itself. Gabrielle is excited to finish her degree and spend more time deepening and developing the ideas she’s begun to work with throughout her time in university.

Instagram: @gabrielletyrie