Philipp Bernhardt


“A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that a photograph can encapsulate meaning more effectively than a verbal description. How truthful is meaning? Photographs capture one moment in time and therefore have the ability to be duplicitous and their meaning misinterpreted. These images capture authentic moments of my friend Milo who recently moved to Toronto from Slovakia. I was conscious of how my own beliefs and thoughts would influence my images, thus they are composed and methodical. The images allude to Milo’s persona and interests. Moreover, since Milo is new to Canada, he is isolated as a subject from any other person in the frame to illustrate his longing and need to join a community. By the same token, building a relationship between us was essential to photograph what I deemed necessary to fulfill this series of images--Milo’s adjustment to Toronto. However, it can also be read as a reflection of myself, as Milo and I share a similar background having both come to Toronto from abroad. 


Philipp Bernhardt is a Swiss-born photographer living in Toronto. Philipp first came into contact with photography through his passion for skateboarding. Focusing on capturing the determining moment from the most daring perspective. His current work revolves around themes of street photography and architecture. Philipp doesn’t limit himself to photography but also uses video applying a variety of techniques such as drone imagery and time-lapse.

Instagram: @pb.11