Bronwyn Demers

Love, Me

Love, Me is a body of work that focuses on my self-reflection and comparison of my growth over the past year. This series is a cathartic look into the way I see myself and how I have learned to express myself through images. It was imperative to include the use of intimacy, both through self-portraiture as well as objects and scenes in this body of work. My aim is that the viewer can relate and draw parallels to themselves and their own lives as well as resonate with the themes I am exploring. Confidence, seclusion, memory, and experience all play a large role in this work through the comparisons of my home and my own body.

For this work, I was greatly influenced by Mona Kuhn and how she captures the female body. I am drawn to Kuhn’s use of texture, double exposures, and light play, all of which I tend to capture in my work as well. Her work also draws comparisons between the female body and nature, specifically in Bushes and Succulents and She Disappeared into Complete Silence. Love, Me explores myself at home, in my most intimate state. The purpose of creating Love, Me was to create my most authentic work, allowing for symbolism to show through in place of a “typical” self-portrait. Adding elements that complement the images of my identity are helpful to the viewer and allow them to also create and derive their own narrative.


Bronwyn Demers is a Toronto based emerging artist, currently completing her BFA at Ryerson University. She works with both digital and analog photography, using natural light, warm colour palettes and romantic undertones to create and express herself through her work. Her main interests include fashion, beauty, architecture and the environment. Bronwyn also enjoys working with a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, textiles, painting, video and multimedia work.

Instagram: @bronwyndemers