Ravina Ambwani

Kitchen Table Reimagined

Kitchen Table Reimagined is a project focusing on the relationships and activities that take place around my kitchen table. The table is at the center of all family gatherings and dinners and, on most days, we sit at the table for more than an hour just talking. The motivation for this project came from the original Kitchen Table Series by Carrie Mae Weems. This is where we talk about our day or call my sister who is studying abroad; it is a place where we all naturally gravitate to if we feel like talking. My family has had the same table since we moved into the house in 1998 and over the years, we have built some of our best memories around it.

The kitchen table is not just a place where families gather to eat but where members of the family reconnect, talk and gather. To many, the kitchen table is the heart of the family, the center of all activity. The psychology around the importance of the table is simple: “In this day of busy lives, extra-curricular activities for the children and electronics, families don’t spend a great deal of time in close proximity to each other. The table works to bring families back into a comfortable distance for actually sharing a conversation.


Ravina Ambwani is a photographer currently completing her BFA at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts with a minor in History. At St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School, she enrolled in Communication Technology where she began to study photography, opening her up to a world that had recently gone unnoticed by her. Ravina uses her photographic skills as a way to document and speak to the notion of history, mainly through the catalyst of documentary series.

Instagram: @ambwani_photography