Jared Miller


Jew-ish is a series of images that elaborates on my perspective as a modern individual reconnecting with his Jewish roots. The images document various religious rituals, Judaica and traditions, evaluating my relationships to them and within my family. In any ethnic group, unconscious decisions are made as to what aspects of culture are carried on to the next generation. Jew-ish elaborates on this notion, documenting the aspects of Judaism I’ve inherited and the ones I believe are worth continuing. This brand of diluted Judaism however, is somewhat stigmatized. Someone who doesn’t abide or believe Jewish law like myself wouldn’t constitute as Jewish in the eyes of the orthodox Jews. Yet in the eyes of everyday society, my upbringing makes me inherently Jewish. Despite my aversion to these religious beliefs, I still believe myself to be a member of the Jewish community. The religious traditions of Judaism have evolved beyond the heretic purposes, and have fostered community within the Jewish people. I find myself drawn to this culture as these traditions reconvene communities and families like mine. Jew-ish is not only me reconnecting with Judaism but me commemorating its role within my family.