Donovan Bestari


I went into this project trying to pull four mediums I enjoy into one work: fashion, photography, graphic design and film. I’m happy that I was able to accomplish that with this line. Considering I only had a rough vision for the garments when I started, they turned out better than I expected. The DIY factor to this project was both intentional and a challenge. The distressed and patched look of clothing is used because I can give it my personal touch. I experimented with different design techniques such as spray paint, iron-on transfer paper, patches from other garments and safety pins. I took existing pieces of clothing in my closet as well as purchased vintage clothing and transformed each piece, cutting up certain ones for others. Sustainability was taken into account when constructing this line. My main inspiration for this project was brands like The Hundreds in that the people behind them are genuine people trying to spread a good message. As for aesthetics, people like Val Kristopher and Jaden Smith’s style influence my taste. I LOVE MY FRIENDS​ combines a positive message with sustainable hand-made aesthetics. Each garment is unique in its construction fusing up-scaled second hand fabrics with a variety of design mediums. This brand is about my experiences just as it is about the person wearing it.