Davin Park

Human Condition: Loneliness

My series Human Condition: Loneliness, deals with what existentialist psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom suggests are the four ultimate concerns of our human existence: freedom, loneliness, meaninglessness, and mortality. This series is dedicated to the concern of loneliness. Though other concerns may present themselves in a few of the photographs, I focus on looking at the feeling of what it means to be lonely - a very subjective, conscious experience. If you feel that you are lonely, despite being alone or being in a crowd, you attribute loneliness to yourself. The focus is not in the state of being alone or in isolation as it is an objective experience. Anyone can be alone but may not feel lonely. So how does that knowledge change the way we see those who are lonely? I believe that in loneliness, we find ourselves longing for a connection. Perhaps this intrinsic need for a connection does not come in an instant; we as humans, hesitate to connect. Because we are unable to understand a stranger’s subconscious experience, we will often stray away from those who isolate themselves. Human Condition: Loneliness adds to the archive of human condition photography.


Being in love with photography his whole life, Davin Park officially started his professional work while studying in the Image Arts: Photography Studies program at Ryerson University in 2017. Intrigued with cameras from new to old, he taught himself the basics of film photography. His work ranges from conceptual storytelling to professional studio portraiture. Davin draws inspiration from photographers such as David Hilliard, Gregory Crewdson, and Vivian Maier.