Aley Luzuriaga

Home Away from Home

These photographs represent the relationship I have with my immediate family. I reflected on my relationship with my family members individually, as well as our relationship as a whole and documented our everyday lives and interactions with each other in order to represent the relationship we have with one another.

Within these photographs, the bond between my father and I is clear. There are several photographs that show us smiling and laughing together, which are a result of my intent on representing the playful and energetic relationship my father and I have. In addition, the relationship between my brother and I can be seen through the moments that we share amongst our family. It is evident that we both enjoy the company of our parents, as well as each other’s. In contrast, the relationship I have with my mother carries a sense of tension between us, as I never truly connected with her growing up. However, when we are all together as a family, the bond between all four of us is prominent regardless of the relationship I have with each individual family member. Moreover, the bond my family and I have comes to life when we gather for a meal. Regardless of what time or place, having a meal together as a family has always consisted of many conversations and laughter. 


Aley Luzuriaga takes interest in both analogue and digital photography. She grew up in a small town where she primarily took photographs of her friends, family and trips she went on. Aley focuses on portrait photography, however, she also enjoys other styles such as documentary and street photography. Aley is currently studying at Ryerson University where she is pursuing her dream to one day work for a magazine.