Bishwesh Uprety

He Who Loves Me

Emptiness is something that is inevitable. The feeling of isolation in a relationship even though you’re loved is something that I’ve dealt with on a personal level. This can deprive someone of every “good” feeling they have. Things that felt heart-throbbing and exciting turn into the mundane. I wanted to capture this in a series of photographs with a mannequin and using a motion picture format to drive a narrative. The mannequin acts as the embodiment of emptiness. The subject, in relationship with the mannequin, tries to operate it like a normal relationship while it's clearly not. There’s something missing: the passion, soul, and the love.

This series acts as a visual representation of this theme. While it can look like the subject is finding all these traits of a loving relationship, it’s just not fundamentally there. It is empty. No amount of passion can revamp that.


Bishwesh Uprety is a photographer from Toronto, Ontario. He usually photographs what his gut tells him to and doesn't give many explanations for his work. People don’t seem to like that very much.