Connor Borisenko

Four Post Meridiem

 Four Post Meridiem is an exploration of my experience with seasonal depression through self-portraiture and collage. Primarily inspired by Kyle Thompson’s series Open Stage and Spaces Between, these images delve into my complex relationship with winter. Capturing self-portraits of my body in the weak sun and winter landscape, these images are paired with scanned text, dead material and my hand-written thoughts and selected lyrics. This deep-dive into my own thoughts and feelings about my affinity for colder weather and how that clashes with my recurring depression that coincides with the colder months is intended to be a series that the viewer can relate to on a personal level, although their experience may differ from my own. In having no clear start or finish, these images invite the viewer to determine an order themselves, thus urging them to consider their own relationship with the winter season.


Connor Borisenko is an artist from Toronto, Canada who works both in digital and analogue photography. Connor primarily works in documentary photography and is influenced by photographers such as Bret Curry, Jesse Herzog, Pete McBride and Kyle Thompson. Connor’s work is often shot outdoors and is focused on exploring relationships with people and places that hold personal significance to the photographer.

Instagram: @batistheman