Kayla Prebinski


This project came about by shooting basic objects, in addition to combining different textures and bold colours to construct compositions that are transparent in appearance. One of the motivations of this work is to challenge the idea that photography is primarily a tool for documentation, in addition to the notion that photography does not have the same influence as a traditional art form. The goal of this project is to be able to create art by using photography, not documenting something and using photography as the medium. Major influences for this series emerged from art movements such as pop art, postmodern art, abstract art, and the experimental processes that artists used during these times.

This series was created by using a DSLR’s multiple exposure in-camera feature. These images are shot in studio, where the lighting was easily controlled by using strobe lights, in addition to the use of colours with gels. Each image is composed of three exposures, where the objects and colours are changed with each individual exposure. The use of this technique allows for a transparent appearance of the objects that are being shot, this is further accentuated by movement of the objects after each exposure to create different textures and compositions.