Xin Zhao


With the development of human civilization, people do not seem to care about the protection of nature. Environmental pollution has become a topic of common concern in recent years, but no matter what, the root cause of environmental pollution is derived from human beings. Perhaps in the city of Toronto, it is difficult to find these sources of pollution, but in some other countries, serious environmental pollution has even affected people's normal lives. The main discovery I made is that environment means nature, and nature means us. Let's not forget that humans are nature. The civilization we have acquired makes us think that we are separate from nature, which is the most dangerous thing in the world.

This project consists of two parts, one to collect the garbage left by people and the other to show the source of this pollution. Taking garbage that causes environmental pollution, I freeze it as a formfor display; the concept of freezing represents “stopping,” thus allowing the viewer to reflect on their part in this pollution. For showing the source of pollution, the ice represents water pollution caused by industrial development. This series explores the traces of human activities, so that the audience can think about what people have done to contribute to natural destruction.


Xin Zhao is a third-year student in Ryerson University’s Image Arts: Photography Studies program. With a focus on street art photography, he often publishes his latest photographs on his personal blog. His personal photo book will also be released in the near future.