Patricia Daszkowski

Beauty through the Decades in Women

My series, Beauty through the Decades in Women, shines a light on how makeup and beauty trends have influenced women for centuries. At the same time, women have a high level of awareness regarding how we look. How we look is significant to our identity and for as long as cosmetics and the media have been around, it has and will continue to be a key factor in making women conscious of their appearance. As someone who has had an interest in makeup since her early teens, I wanted to embody beauty trends throughout each decade and showcase how I perform these trends. However, the ideal for how a “woman should look” evolves through time, especially through makeup and hair. As these ideals and styles are influenced by pop culture and the media, women learn to embody what's “in”.

This series showcases how exterior beauty will constantly change, and with it, how women will try to adapt to these temporary ideals. I wanted to explore these different ideals of beauty, as well as to bring awareness to the lengths women went through to achieve certain trends. By conducting extensive research on beauty icons and how each time period affected society and examples of influencers, I was able to execute this series of photographs. 


Patricia Daszkowski is a portrait, fashion and underwater photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Patricia is currently studying in the Image Arts program at Ryerson University, working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in photography studies and a minor in film. In her work, Patricia is always experimenting with different forms of photography whether it's digital or analogue.