Zephra Navarro

Adolescence Presence

Adolescence Presence explores themes of the period of time where a girl starts transitioning into the woman she is going to become both physically and mentally. Using my younger sister as my subject to capture these adolescent moments and aspects of being a teenager, my aim is to illustrate the start of becoming a woman. I drew inspiration from my own memories of being a teenager. This is a stage of life that everyone goes through, it is oftentimes awkward and fun. In my teenage years, my world consisted of my appearance, the physical change of my body and the start of understanding myself. Turkina Faso’s photobook ME & THEM, was influential for this project, as it is about capturing memories of growing up and she also used her sister as her subject. 


Zephra Navarro is a Mississauga-based artist. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Zephra would like to experiment with different genres and styles such as architecture and abstract photography, however, she is currently interested in portrait and fashion photography. Her influences include Annie Leibovitz and Turkina Faso.

Instagram: @zephsphotographs