Fallen Tree, Opal Benhanoh (2nd Year Photography)

Opal Benhanoh, Hunter McNeil, Deion Squires-Rouse, Sarah Sheppard, Rennie Taylor, Angel Fonseca

I Crave Silence, I Crave Company

Nostalgia seems to serve a dual purpose: allowing us to fondly reflect, while also distorting our perception of the present moment. Photography, perhaps more than any other medium, is poignant in this respect. This exhibition explores natural deterioration, and the futile desire to revive something that no longer exists.

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Where I End U Belong, Christina Oyawale (2nd Year Photography)

Christina Oyawale, Freida Wang, Lucas Anaya, Jordi Nackan, Awa Dembele-Yeno, Milana Ilincic

I Felt My Life With Both Hands

Especially in the midst of this sudden and drastic shift to digital media, the object-hood of photography is constantly being reassessed. In relation to these works, applying the descriptive title of "a photograph" is only one aspect of a multi layered image.

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In Isolation, Ryan Venedam (5th Year Photography)

Ryan Venedam, Renee Foy, Morgan Gerard, Victor Rusu, Jian Von Earl M. Esmane, Tyler Da Silva

To This World I Do Not Give Myself

Sometimes isolation is both physical and emotional. These images seem to focus on moments of pause, invoking sensations of visible calm and internal anxiety.

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Untitled, Kayla Ward (1st Year Photo)

Sarah Bauman, Anne-Marie Cloutier, Eka Jeladze, Kayla Ward, Owen Zilles, Abby Kolody, Heyang Qiu

Why Does It Feel So Good To Run?

These photographs capture a kind of romantic familiarity associated with spaces and moments that seem plucked from the past.

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John Delante, Ammar Bowaihl, Caeden Wigston, Peyton Mott, Jocelyn Abygail De Leon

You Shouldn't Over Water

Performing for the camera is as old as the camera itself. Here we observe the continuation of this tradition, manifested by emerging artists photographing friends, family, and strangers.

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