Maximum Exposure 25

Digital Exposure Film Festival

  • Garden View (Alex Douglas & Levi Wheeler)

    Better For Me

    4th Year Integrated Digital

  • Lorenza De Benedictis

    “Scatter Brain (2020)” & “GO Train: Sounds & Visualized in Shapes”

    2nd Year Film Studies

  • Tia Bennett

    Herbarium No.2

    4th Year Integrated Digital

  • Renee Foy

    In the Wind

    1st Year Film Studies

  • Ezra Li

    Short Film, 2020.

    Due to the onset of Covid-19 Li was unable to complete post production of his film in time to for Digital Exposure. However he was able to provide a few stills.

  • Special Thanks

    to Alex Douglas and Ezra Li for their assistance in the creation and curation of Digital Exposure