Constance Osuchowski

Creative and Curatorial Director

Constance will be graduating this spring from Ryerson’s School of Image Arts, with a BFA in Photography Studies, specializing in Integrated Digital. She is interested in sculpture, performance, and the capacity machines have to create. As the Creative and Curatorial Director, Constance is responsible for Maximum Exposure's visual appearance, and the way that attendees experience the exhibition.


Cole Legree

Student Outreach and Social Media Coordinator

Cole LeGree (b. Calgary, 1994.) graduates in May 2020 with a BFA from Ryerson's School of Image Arts. As Communications Coordinator for MX25, Cole oversees interactions between students, staff, faculty, sponsors, and anyone else with a vested interested in showcasing IMA students. His own photographs and writing seek to expand on the artistic conventions of documentary and landscape art to explore how geography and place shape culture. By using the camera as a mediator, his photographs investigate historical myths of our relationships to land. Cole’s interest in photography has also been expressed through involvement in curation and engagement with archival materials.


Gwyneth Gray-Cyre

Project and Operations Manager

Gwyneth Gray-Cyre is a photography student graduating in the Fall of 2020. Her work revolves around the self and how we relate to our surroundings. Her current work uses the photographic process to show the limitations that photography and memory have in conveying truth. Gwyneth is the Project and Operations Manager for Max Ex 2020. She helps keep track of deadlines and oversees all aspects that make Maximum Exposure a possibility.


Elisa Chiocca D'Alfonso

Financial Coordinator

Elisa has always had an interest in photography and portraiture, but it wasn’t until her experience at Ryerson that her photography veered into experimental and conceptual art practices. Elisa has developed an intense interest in portraiture, artificially constructed scenes, moving-image, and performance art. Themes within her work often surround that of the human condition, family, and self-evolution.  As the Financial Coordinator for Maximum Exposure, Elisa worked throughout the year to raise funds and manage expenses to ensure that the 25th anniversary of our year-end online exhibition came to fruition.