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CONVERGE is a public lecture series at Ryerson University School of Image Arts, organized and run by Image Arts students. The series presents leading contemporary artists and thinkers working in photography, video, multimedia, and performance.  Converge provides smart, dynamic, thought-provoking discussions and events that reflect the diverse artistic interests and issues within IMA.

In 2019-20, Converge is hosting three major events. On October 22nd, artist Corin Sworn speaks about her current research and practice. On February 13th, David Murphy hosts a panel discussion titled “Capturing Multimedia Performance”. March 11th sees curator Barbara London and artist Lisa Steele on the evolution of video art.

All lectures are open to the public, free, and accessible!


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In 2018/2019, Converge’s focus was on bringing in various image-based creatives whose work spans different genres. In November we hosted Anthea Black, an artist, curator, and cultural worker. She discussed her personal publishing projects, representation, and queer theory. In January, Sayed Mustafa Najafizada, a documentary photojournalist and television producer, discussed his experience working and living in Afghanistan. In February, Joshua Citarella combined installation and web-based art that utilizes humour to make a social commentary about modern society. In March, we hosted Laura Letinsky, a female artist whose work is grounded in art and still life photography. Our last lecture of 2018/2019 was from Carmen Winant, who is an image-based collage artist who was featured in last year’s CONTACT Photography Festival.

Anthea Black, 11/26/18
Joshua Citarella, 02/13/19
Laura Letinsky, 03/27/19
Liz Johnson Artur, 04/24/19
Carmen Winant, 05/03/19